Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Last Two Weeks...

The last two weeks have been crazy, with the team announcement, health scares and plenty of media hype. After returning from China, we had a week at home in which we were finally going to find out who would make the cut for the Games. Although it was supposed to a restful week it was difficult to be restful when you are waiting for you future to be decided by a phone call.

Only three long days before the team was finally announced and although we had to wait a couple of days for everything to be official. It was very exciting to let friends and family know that the team was finally announced and they could openly plan their trips overseas. A few days of quietly celebrating and then to Canberra to start the final preparation phase.

Two weeks of team building and hard training was interrupted with a Whooping cough health scare. After a positive result for the 'Whoop' everyone had to be tested and isolated. Although only a few showed symptoms none returned a positive result and one positive who was asymptomatic (no symptoms). Although this health scare definitely got us more media then we were expecting, we were more concerned about how it would affect our preparations. (Article in The Age Whooping cough scare hits team )

However, our team proved to be both strong and resilient helping us continue on with our preparation for the Games. After finishing out our two weeks, we headed home to our respective states for our last week before flying off for our final leg. With a quick day trip to Melbourne for the National League Tigers Dinner and a quick catch up with some of the girls, coaches and club members. To top it all off a fantastic breakfast at the South Melbourne restaurant Chez Dre. 

Yumm...  the french toast is fantastic!

Headed back to Brisbane to unpack, wash and repack for the tour to Montenegro and Italy before arriving in London. Was able to catch up with a friend for her 26th Birthday. Happy Birthday Rach!!! As well as my sisters boyfriend's 30th. Happy Birthday Dan! With my little sister leaving for New York today, my brother Tom and his girlfriend Jill leaving for Hong Kong on Monday and my other brother Hamish heading overseas on Tuesday. Before they all meet up together in Paris, then head to London.

So for now I am going to enjoy some quite time at home while getting ready for the next tour and of course training.

Thanks for the photos soph! 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Hardest Part

Finally home from the mammoth 6 week tour, 1 week of national league finals and then 5 weeks overseas, with stops in London, Tokyo and Shanghai. It has been a very busy time, plus with selection hanging over our heads every training session, every game is that much more important as it has the potential to decide our Olympic future. The World League had a mix bag of games, with four teams sending development teams while the other 4 have close to their Olympic line up.

Unfortunately during our second game I sustained a minor elbow injury, which saw me sit out our games against Russia and Germany. One of the hardest things of the whole tour was sitting in the stands watching the girls have a very close game against the Russians and not be able to do anything to help. The game went into a penalty shootout, which saw our goalie Macca stand up and play amazingly in her 200th game for Australia. What an achievement!!

So now back home, and enjoying a lighter training load, while awaiting the Olympic team announcement. Nervous, nervous, nervous. Have I done enough? Was there anything else I could have done? Plus many similar questions run through your head late at night while trying to reassure yourself and get some sleep. Only a few days to go, as announcement will be on Tuesday 12th June.

I have been enjoying some family time, as well as catching up with friends. I was able to catch the  a Wallabies game at Suncorp vs Wales. Great game, lots of action, a little bit of light rain and plenty of points scored.