Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sydney Road Trip: Coogee

The last few weeks have been hectic. After finishing another 10-day camp in Canberra, the Vic Tiger girls and I headed to Sydney. Arrived in the dazzling Coogee. WOW! Beautiful spot, glad to be spending the next week and a half here. Will have 8 games (plus a little bit of training) during that time, but well worth it! With training being hell, it’s great to have a fantastic view and a little salt water (especially after all the chlorine!!) to get your mind off your aching body.
4 Games, 4 wins. Great result. Tigers started slow, but we were able to get our groove back and came together as a team. I have gathered a new collection of scratches and bruises to add to my already numerous scars, plus had 2 swimmers ripped!

I decided not to head back to my temporary home in Melbourne, but rather stay in Sydney for the 3 days between road trips to catch up with some friends and family. The last few days have been great. It’s been busy, but in a good way. Training with the NSWIS girls has been good and I've had some well needed catch-ups.

After a few lighter days of training, I will be meeting back up with the Tigers in Coogee for another 4 games. As the end of the National league regular season is coming to an end and finals just around the corner.... things are getting very exciting!

**** 71 days until Olympic team is announced ****

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