Wednesday, 23 May 2012


China, China, China….. Hmm where to start. Arrived in Shanghai over a week ago and headed to the Shanghai institute of sport, which is about an hour out of the city. Here we have been enduring some intense sessions in order to maintain both strength and fitness while we are away before heading to the World League Finals in Changshu on Sunday.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner include rice, noodles and mystery meat. To top it all off no facebook, no twitter, no tv. Luckily us girls are stocked up on books, movies and of course snacks. After 6 days of hard training we are finally head out with the team to explore Shanghai. First stop, an Ancient water village. Zhouzhuang, built in 1086, is surrounded by water and boats are needed even for short-distance trips. This town features small bridges connecting the various parts of the city.

Next Stop, Shanghai. Straight off the bus and into the first coffee shop we can see. Ahhh, finally some coffee that isn’t instant and from a packet. Feeling rejuvenated we head out into the streets of shanghai and head to the markets to put our bargaining stills to the test. After some thrilling haggling, more coffee, we stroll down the bustling streets towards the Bund. Here we meet up with the rest of the team to head on an evening river cruise (pictures to follow shortly).

Back at the institute and back into training. Not long to go now. Only 3 more days of training before heading back on the road. Looking forward to getting back into playing some games!

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