Sunday, 30 June 2013

Barcelona 2013

So after some very busy months finally our preparation for the Fina World Championships Barcelona, will ramp up, as we head off into camp. I have finally sat my last exams for my Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree (fingers crossed they all went well), and have finished up at my job with the Red Cross Blood Service. So now its time to really buckle down and enjoy putting in the hard yards at training. So bring it on!

This afternoon the team will meet in Sydney to begin a short and intense training camp before flying out to Hungary. It has been a difficult week trying to get ready. Firstly I have had to start planing my holiday for when World Champs finishes up (soo exicited!), secondly I have had the ordeal of trying to work out how to pack for 3 months away, numerous seasons, training and uniform gear (of which we have plenty off, loving the new gear we received from our new sponsors) and casual clothing, all without going over 20kg... a tough ask. 

A disappointing result at the World League Finals in Beijing as a result of inconsistent play saw us drop some important games in penalty shootouts. However, these loses have helped us analyze the areas we need to work on and have helped refocused our training to fix them. Plus plenty of fitness work to maintain the level we want to be at.

This upcoming tour will see us departing from Sydney to Hungary for about a week, then to Bilbao, Spain and then finally landing in Barcelona for the Fina World Championships. We have a great team heading over, combination of some new girls coming into the team and some of the girls from London Olympic returning. Full team list can be viewed on Water Polo Australia Website


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