Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What's Next?

After a silver medal at the World Championships and a much needed 10 week European and UK holiday. Upon arriving home I had a brief stint to get over the jet lag before heading back into training. There is nothing like those first few days of training where everything is a struggle and you start to wonder why you ever stopped training in the first place.

But lucky for me it only took the first week before the feel of the water started to come back and only 3 weeks before I was starting to feel like myself again. Having graduated in June and quitting my job before World Championship tour it was time for me to start making some decisions about my future.

Did I want to keep playing internationally? What sort of work did I want to get in to? Essentially I was at a crossroad and it was time for me to make some choices. I decided that after a great year playing for the Aussie Stingers I wasn’t ready to retire just yet. And since I was thinking about some postgraduate study, it made sense to keep playing while (a) I continued to enjoy it and (b) while my schedule was looking to stay very similar to what it had been; i.e. work, study, polo.

View in Athens
So with that decision made I took up an offer to play professionally overseas in the LEN trophy for a Greek club team, which was looking to be approximately a 2 month contract. I was excited to be returning back to Greece where I had played previously (after the Beijing Olympics). Arriving in Greece on Tuesday where I will be training in Athens for a week before flying to Hungary for the first round. After a week in Hungary I fly out to meet up with the Aussie Stingers in Ottawa for Canada Cup then off Holiday Cup in California. 

One of the Training Pool in Athens
It's great to be back!

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