Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Arrivederci Varese… Allo’ London

Arrivederci Varese… Allo’ London

In our final week of preparation before heading off to London we were really cracking down on our tactics with video sessions and game analysis plus making sure our physical fitness was in tiptop shape. We also got some timeout on one of the days for a team outing to Lago Maggiore. It just so happened that we picked up a hitchhiker on the way and it turned out to be none other than Steve Waugh. With our entire team in tow plus Mr Waugh we were ready to brave the precarious 'bucket' on a wire to reach to top of the mountain. Luckily only a few of us were not good with heights.

             Thanks Miss Lincoln-Smith for completely blocking me, hoping someone has a better copy...

Upon our arrival at the top we were greeted with phenomenal views. It was here that we got down to the nitty and gritty that make up our team, and with declarations from the heart we were finally prepared for the road we will have to journey down to Olympic glory. Steve added some inspiring words and imparted some of his much valued knowledge. Finally with our last training session done, a 2 and a half hour hell session, we were very excited to head off to London.

 Arrived in the Village around midnight and were up the next day at 7am as we had uniform fittings, a little media, training and our induction and welcome meetings. It just so happend that Hamish and Andy were visiting the village in preparation for the channel 9 coverage and sat in on our induction done by Laurie Lawrence and Nick Green, with Steve Waugh, John Eales, Layne Beachley and Kieren Perkins all in attendance. With a few jokes here or there courtesy of the boys, it was a very inspiring and touching induction.  

Today we are finally setting into a routine and I am very much looking forward to the flag raising ceremony and the team reception. Fingers crossed the weather stays good and we are able to walk in the opening ceremony. Thanks for all the best wishes!!! I am hoping to have some sort of update every second day.

*** Thanks for the photos team, p.s. keep em coming! ***

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