Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Our first Game

With the London Games well and truly underway we have been very busy preparing for our first game against the Italians. Like us, the Aussie Sharks also drew the Italians as their first game. We were lucky enough to be able to take the time to head out to support the boys. Which was great for us as we were able to take in the venue, the size of the crowd and be able to get a feel of what our games may be like. The boys fought well but were unlucky to go down 8-5 in the end. 

After watching the boys game you could see a number of our first timers starting to feel the nerves. We had 24hrs until our game, 2 training session and 1 tactical meeting. We were almost there. There was excitement in the air as we knew all our friends and family would be there or watching back home and we had spent hours upon hours preparing for this game and were raring to play.
We left the Village and headed to the pool. Here we proceeded with our usual warm up and we were starting to get back into our usual routine. The nerves were at an all time high during the line up. But our team was prepared for this and we were itching to get the game started. We came out well with a 4-1 lead early. But with a few defensive errors it saw us level with the Italians at half time.

We stepped up our game and came out strong in the 3rd quarter with 4 unanswered goals (8-4). The last quarter saw the Italians throw in everything but we came away with the win at 10-8. It was a great team game, lots of good team goals. Looking forward to our next game against the hosts, Great Britain. So back to more training and video sessions.

Needless to say that our down time is mostly spent in front of the TV watching our fellow Aussies compete. Including some of the second half of the Kookaburras game where they smashed South Africa, the heart breaking loss of the Opals to France in over time, plus plenty of swimming and diving!! 

Thanks to all the support coming across the sea from Australia, as well as all the supporters in the crowd.... You're fantastic!! Keep it up! 

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