Friday, 17 August 2012

Been a bit slack....

Sorry to all who have been checking for updates.... got a little busy. But hopefully you all could catch a glimpse or two of our games or at least the results. So closest games I have played in, headed into extra time in the Quarters, Semis and Final.... gee talk about a heart stopper. 

But as you all may already know, we came away with the Bronze!!! Great result! Although not what we went for. But how can you not be happy with that. Not every comes away with an Olympic Medal. 

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me over the last year, plus all of you who have followed by journey from the very beginning in 2000. 12 years of blood, swear, tears and hard work. Not sure where I am heading to from here, but am planning to enjoy my time off. To the Australian Red Cross Blood Service for all the time off, it's fantastic to be apart of an amazing company! To Griffith University for all there support and time off of the last few years. To the QAS, AIS and VIS thanks for everything you have provided me in regards to training and staff, fantastic work!

  With the parades next week and no uni until next year I am really looking forward to enjoying the next few months.

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