Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Since London

So since London things have been very very hectic. We had the Welcome Home Parades, where Jane Moran, Jess Fox and Myself attended every city on the tour. And what a tour! Each city put on a spectacular show! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who was involved with the organisation of the events and everyone who came out to welcome us back. I had such a great time meeting new people and making some great new friends.

Now it’s back to reality. Started back at work (Australian Red Cross Blood Service) after 8 months of leave without pay and it’s great to be back. All the staff have been fantastic with helping me get back into the swing of things. It’s like I never left. I have also been visiting some schools and chatting to the students about my experience at the Games. Plus the Bronze medal definitely gets me some bonus points.
But work aside; I have been planning my trip overseas to the USA. I am heading back to my college, as I have the tremendous honour of being inducted into the Hartwick College Athletic Hall of Fame. I am very excited to head back for the visit. I am staying over in the States until the end of October, touring from New York down the East Coast towards Miami.

I have also moved in with an old friend, as she recently bought this amazing house that funnily enough her parents owned about 20 years ago. Moving has both its ups and downs. Perfect time for a massive spring-clean, but horrible for my allergies and such a hassle to organising, pack and then unpack. I finally unpacked the last box about 5 days ago and have started to settle in to the new place.

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