Friday, 30 November 2012

Normal Life?

So it's now been over 3 months since the Olympics ended and the time has just flown by. I have been back working at ARCBS (Australia Red Cross Blood Service), I have been on not only 1 but 2 holidays (Spent October in the USA and traveled to Brazil for a week to play some polo in November). It's definitely been a couple of flat out months. I had a fantastic holiday in the States. I realized it was the first time I have been on a holiday in about 12 years where I haven't had to do any training or games. It was an absolute blast. Yes I did venture over all by my lonesome. But I was able to catch up with some great friends along the way. Plus all the people you get to meet.

Then out of the blue I got an offer from Brazil to come and play in there national club titles. Let's face it I needed all of 2 seconds to think about it before I said yes. The hardest part was getting the time off from work having just been away. However, again the ARCBS stepped up and gave me the 10 days off. Lucky for me I have a friend from Brazil who I met while I was attending Hartwick and who I was going to crash with during my time there. So I made the 30plus hour trek over to South America really excited about what I was going to experience there having never really ventured past northern Mexico. 

I had a blast!!! The girls were extremely friendly and welcoming. I was a little apprehensive having not trained since the Bronze medal game in London, but after the first game it was just like old times. Perhaps physically a little slower and weaker.... I enjoyed my Brazilian experience immensely and a hoping to get a invited next year and possibly be able to swing a couple more days into the trip. 

Training Pool in Brazil.... beautiful!
Now it's the 1st of December and I'm back at work and heading into the festive season. Although I have been doing some light activity most days I am really enjoying not being on a strict training schedule and having the flexibility to fit in exercising around my life, rather than the other way around. I have also had time to consider my options and with returning to university for my final semester I have had to consider what is next for me within sport. Is it time to retire? Hang up my cozzies and cap for good?

But alas I don't think I am quite there yet. I have committed myself to another 7-ish months of training with the national team in hopes of making the 2013 World Championship team headed for Barcelona in July. It will be tough with a number of girls returning and the younger generations chasing our tails. But I am excited to continue to play as long as I am still finding the enjoyment in the challenge of the game.

So it's back to National League and National team come January 2013. Definitely going to enjoy this last month of complete freedom before having to buckle down for the hard yards ahead. Fitness testing is just around the corner...

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